1Y or 2Y Full Doc Non-QM

Min. FICO 599 Up to 90% CLTV

A&D Mortgage’s Full Doc Non-QM loans are a perfect solution for small business owners, investors, or other self-employed individuals, who believe they would not qualify for a traditional agency loan. These loans are also ideal for borrowers who are recovering from a recent credit event.

Full Doc Non-QM loans require documented evidence that proves the income and assets a borrower claims on their loan application are genuine.

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Loan amounts up to $4 million
DTI up to 55% on owner-occupied
1Y credit event allowed
Max cash-on-hand $1 million, no limit for LTV < 55%
Traditional income​
30 & 40 Year Fixed
Super Prime & Prime Programs​
Condos up to 90% CLTV, NY up to 90% CLTV​
Condotels up to 75% CLTV
Temporary rate buydowns available

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